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Three weeks until the 2017-2018 school year begins!  I’m currently planning as much as I can before September is upon us!  I’m always looking for interesting and fun ideas to start off the school year.  I usually begin the first day by allowing my new students to become familiar with the classroom, school building, and general routines.  We have a social skills group at the conclusion of the day and my students LOVE to play bingo during this time.  They love the magnetic chip set that we use as well as winning their favorite candy as a prize.  I’m always looking far and wide for bingo games that build in language for my students.  Many of my students work on several language programs that address filling in the function of items. (e.g. “What do you do with a scissors?” (cut paper))  I find that my students show the most success with these programs when we work on them incidentally instead of during direct instruction.  I decided to create a school supply bingo game with function call out prompts to make this program more meaningful and interesting.  This game can be used throughout the school year to work on labeling the function programs.  Click the link below to try this product out in your classroom or home!

School Supply Bingo

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.17.25 PM

I hope that you’re enjoying these last weeks of summer!  Thanks for joining me!!




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Let’s Make a Sandwich!

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer break!  The extended school year program started at my school this week and I truly enjoyed the two week break that I had with my boys (Travis & Ben) before it started!  I wanted to create a blog post about my life skills “Let’s make a Sandwich” program and explain how beneficial it has been for my group of special needs students.  Each day, when my students work on their activity schedules they each make a sandwich to promote life skills, social skills, math skills, language skills and prevocational skills.  When they see the “Let’s make a sandwich” page in their activity schedule they know to grab the labeled bin (Shown below: middle row on right) IMG_3155

and listen to the staff member working with him or her about the sandwich that they would like to order.  The various sandwich options are shown on a ring (shown below) and can be faded once the student has mastered the various sandwiches and their contents.

image (6)

The student then states the name of the sandwich that they made and depending on their skill level, works on having the staff member “pay” for the sandwich.  This program is a favorite in our classroom and has promoted independence in several areas for our students.  We have also generalized this skill to our Friday cooking groups.  The students have practiced making sandwiches with real food to increase generalization skills and independence with mealtime routines.  I purchased this sandwich kit from Amazon (Melissa & Doug).  Sandwich Making Kit

If you’re interested in replicating this program in your special needs program, please click the link below!


Let’s Make a Sandwich Program

Thank you so much for joining me on my journey in creating lifelong learners!




Dana Grasso

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