Banana Boat S’mores – A Visual Recipe

Hello, Everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of sweet summer!   My extended school year program ends next week!  I’m looking forward to some family time before gearing up for the new school year!

We’ve been focusing on various summer activities in my classroom during our summer program and have recently been learning about camping.  We read the social story that I created about camping along with various other “camp” related stories.  We wrapped up our camping theme with making Banana Boat S’mores.  This recipe was really exciting for our group and delicious too!IMG_3642I created a visual recipe with pictures embedded for Banana Boat S’mores!  This recipe also comes with a recipe review page.   If you’d like to try this visual recipe with your students/children, click the link below.


Banana Boat S’mores – A Visual Recipe


Once again,  Thank you for joining me on my journey as an educator!




Dana Grasso

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